It’s possible the more observant amongst you may have noticed a recent blogging hiatus.

I moved house.


Now I live near here:

Shropshire Union Canal

Shropshire Union Canal


And take the dog for walks here:

Pedro at Wharton Locks

Pedro at Wharton Locks

In the countryside. Proper rural. With mud and tractors and a real pub.

And I can see the stars at night. So many stars. In a vast inky sky.

I love it.

Where is your favourite dog walk?

And if you don’t have a little canine pal, where is your favourite walk that involves a proper pub?


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6 responses to “Hiatus

  1. morgan_wgtn@xtra.co.nz

    MURPHY wud like PEDRO !      We walk in NZ  / now in a small village with a Pub also –    Cheers Martha & Murphy Sent from Samsung Mobile


  2. It was snowing while visiting your page 😉
    I used to live on the Delaware river in New Jersey (in USA). Nothing quite like river life. Always an adventure, for sure! Summers were so much fun, winters pristine and majestic, falls very relaxing….the spring….a little iffy; due to spring melt and flooding. Thankful I experienced it for 10 yrs!
    My dog walks, and runs with us around our property, a lot of it here for him to roam. At 49, I’m a little old for the pub scene….so, we have our own bar in-house 😀
    Your Pedro looks adorable & cuddly!


  3. my favorite walk is usually with my son around our neighborhood.


  4. Oh, lovely! What I wouldn’t give for proper rural. And a proper pub!


  5. That’s gorgeous. I could see myself being able to create there.


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