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Earring heaven

Struggling for gift ideas?

Then struggle no further my friends.

Three pairs of earrings which are wow-tastic, unique, and won’t break the bank!



Super vintage paste sparklies

Majorica Pearls

Majorica Pearls

Superb quality pearl drops



Rare vintage enamel danglies

All gifts come beautifully wrapped, and are posted free of charge. We guarantee you will be delighted!

Check out my Ebay shop for lots of gorgeous present ideas!



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The Lady in the Post Office says Nooo!

The Lady in the Post Office might want to watch a few episodes of Postman Pat.

Just to cheer her up a bit.


Remind her that some people employed in service industries are happy in their work, with finely honed people skills, a ready smile and ‘can do’ attitude.

I realise it’s a busy time of the year. And the queues are long, and punters are daft. But really, if you hate your job that much, it’s time to lick your last stamp.

I asked a question, maybe a stupid question. Like, what’s the difference between SIGNED FOR DELIVERY and REGISTERED DELIVERY. Just asking, politely, in a polite way.

She said (snarled):

‘One is SIGNED FOR, and one is REGISTERED’.

Well I never. Who knew? So I said,

‘Right, OK, I see.’ And bought the cheapest.

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Manx Man Triskelion



Quocunque jeceris stabit

The latin motto of the Isle of Man translates to – whichever way you throw it, it will stand. But best not to throw this little toby jug, as it is made of bisque and wouldn’t be very happy. It’s a very unusual object featuring the Manx man and cat and to the other side a brace of herring, alluding to the national dish of Spuds and Herrin. Mmmmm.



A lovely object, rare Victorian, Staffordshire.

He’s available here, right now, right here. SOLD

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Del Boy and Rodney – eat your heart out!

What is the female equivalent of Del Boy and Rodders?

I think we might be it @altvtgmarket

Alty Market Flo

Alty Market Flo

Lots of browsers. Lots of rain. Lots of wafting fried onion from the bbq chicken stand. Lots of people buying grub and booze. Lots of angst from the guitarist.

Next year we’re doing Christmas fudge and mulled wine.

Defo where the dollar is.










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